We decided early in our business that we wanted to ask for people’s feedback about working with us. Sometimes people thank us by email, mail us thank you notes, give us big hugs, or mail us autographed jerseys (that happened once – we framed it and hung it in our office, ask us about it sometime). We love it all. Below are a few selections of the reviews we have received recently:


There aren’t enough words to describe how much we love the video. I was tearing up approximately 95% of the time :). We can’t thank you enough for putting this together for us in such a beautiful way!! I expected nothing less, but it beyond exceeded expectations. Thank you so, so much again!!

– Alla and Igor (2016)


THANK YOU!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! BROUGHT TEARS TO OUR EYES!!! It is absolutely perfect. Wowwww!!

– Sarah and Blake (2016)


We LOVE it!!!! It is SO beautiful and we can’t stop watching it!! Thank you both so so so much you are so talented. thank you again!!

– Catherine and Jeff (2016)


Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to begin or try and find words for your beautiful and talented work. Josh and I have watched the video several times now. We can’t wait to see the full one!! You guys literally made our day so special and you gave us possibly the best memories because we can watch our wedding any time we want. If there is anything I have been raving to people about, photographers are a must and most weddings have them, but to hire videographers (and you guys specifically lol) not everyone opts to do this but I am raving it is sooooo worth it!!! Thank you again for being such cool and warm people! You guys are great!!!!

– Megan and Josh (2015)

“I wanted to say a massive thank you and even that is not enough!! you out did your selfs in that video we cried we laughed!! you captured moments we forgot happened and we are so lucky to be able to see them now! we waited till our 1st  year to watch it and you made! thank you thank you thank you

– Paul and Lily (2015)

I’m not quite sure I can say enough about how amazing Honey & Dear are. Not only are they professional, but they are easy going and a pleasure to work with. Their work ethic and love for their job was abundantly evident, not only in the final product but also through the way they conducted themselves throughout the wedding. Honey & Dear come with great expertise and we knew the final product would be nothing short of amazing, we trusted their creativity without hesitation and it is THE reason their work is as special as it is. I am so happy they were there to capture our day, we couldn’t have chosen anyone better! Thank you for helping us relive some very special moments!”

– Tina and David (2015)