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Same Day Edit Wedding Films 

We love when funny things happen at weddings. We also love self-written vows. Hilarious speeches. Stolen glances. An extra-long kiss at the altar. Anything, really, that captures that indefinable quality that makes your relationship special.

With our Same Day Edit films, you’ll get to see the moments we’re talking about. At your reception, you and your guests will sit back and relive the experience of your wedding day on a big screen!

Here are some of our all-time favourite Same Day Edit wedding films.

Main Feature Wedding Films 

This is the one you’ll be watching on your anniversary for years to come! The one that will take you back and remind you of your best man’s toast, your flower girl’s dance moves and your vows to each other. It’s the one to show loved ones who couldn’t attend and generations yet to be.

These films run at about 14 – 16 minutes long, and showcase clips from your entire wedding day. Unlike the Same Day Edit, you’ll receive your Main Feature after your wedding. Click here to see an example of a Main Feature Wedding Film

Mini Main Feature Wedding Films 

We introduced this product for the 2014 Wedding Season and we have heard amazing reviews since posting our first one. The Mini Main Feature is designed to be a nice halfway bridge between the Wedding Highlight Film and our Main Feature Wedding Films. They range in length from 8 – 10 minutes and showcase clips from your entire wedding day. These do take us a little while to put together as we take our time and go through everything that was filmed and choose our favourite moments- some you will remember and others you might not! Here is a sample of our Mini Main Feature

Wedding Highlight Films

A Wedding Highlight Film is the same length as a Same Day Edit – approximately 3 minutes (or the length of one song). The difference being that we don’t show it at your wedding, we typically have these films ready within a week or so of your wedding. It is a little teaser film, showing the best moments of your wedding day. It is great for sharing on Facebook, or sending around to friends and family who couldn’t be at your wedding, or want to showing to your coworkers as you brag about how fun your wedding was ;).  Another benefit of the Highlight Film over the Same Day Edit is that you do get parts from later in the evening that wouldn’t be able to make it into your Same Day Edit. Here are a few recent examples of some highlight films.

Love Story Engagement Films 

First comes love…

Our Love Story films tell of how you met and fell in love. Through both fun and sincere interviews, this is your chance to remind your loved ones what came before the proposal and why you are, in fact, perfect for each other.

These 10-minute films are popular to showcase at receptions to invite guests—especially those you’ve met only once in your life—into your personal history, allowing them to get to know the love story they’re there to celebrate.

Another benefit of these films is the opportunity to work with Emily and Andrew before the wedding. There’s often one person in the couple who is a bit camera-shy and we have found time and time again that this exercise helps that person to become more open and relaxed with the camera, making the wedding day itself easier and the wedding film much better.


Anywhere from 6-10 consecutive hours of coverage with three filmmakers. You will get coverage from up to three angles of the important stuff like your Ceremony and Reception. This also gives us the flexibility to split up during the morning so at least one of us is with each of you while you get ready! It should be noted that does not mean you get 36 hours of raw footage. It means we are there and available to film. We’ll have our cameras with us at all times and we’ll watch for the good stuff, and be there for all the big moments 😉


This is a separate, lightly edited ‘documentary’ of your Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance. For the Ceremony  this means simply that we include everything that scheduled from start to finish, with footage from all our cameras, to give you multiple perspectives of your Ceremony from the moment you walk down aisle. We also include all the scheduled toasts and speeches, and edited from multiple cameras to give you multiple perspectives of your Speeches/ Toasts. We also include a lightly edited version of your first dance.


We put the Full HD edited versions of your film onto a sweet-looking USB Thumbdrive. You can make as many copies as you like of these files. They can be loaded into iTunes and then onto your iPhone or iPad or AppleTV.


If you need us for more hours on your day, or need more people to cover the events, we can accommodate! Contact us for rates.

Extra Hours Of Cinematography Coverage required last minute (i.e. your wedding goes into serious overtime!) will be consecutively billed after your agreed upon amount of time has concluded. In a perfect world, this should be requested at least one day before the wedding.

Now that you have an idea of what we do, get in touch with us! We’d love to get together with you, so you can see what sets us apart.

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