The Bottom Line – Our Packages and Pricing


You are going to spend some money on your wedding. The amount you spend and how you divide it up is completely up to you. We have some thoughts about wedding spending here. We have designed the following packages to work for most couples’ budgets. While we don’t offer discounts or ‘cash deals’, we can create a custom package for you. Send us a note through our contact page to get started!


“Mini Main Feature Package” – $5,094+HST

This is a new option added in 2015. It is designed for the couple who has a laid back, low key wedding, and just wants the best moments of the day captured. The package is built around making you a Mini Main Feature which ranges in length from 8 1/2 to 11 minutes. You will have two of the Honey & Dear team come for 6 hours, to capture some of the best moments of the day. The package includes a documentary edit of your speeches (provided they take place within the contracted time).

“Same Day Edit Plus Package” – $5,800+HST

This is what we’ve built our company on. A Same Day Edit is an experience that wows your guests like nothing else. This option is for the couple who wants to relive their wedding day at the reception and be able to share it instantly with family and friends. The package includes a documentary edit of your ceremony and speeches, however due to only having a two person film team and a shorter amount of hours, the only available add-on is a Mini Main Feature  (8-10 Minute Short Film).

When the items in this package are priced individually, the value is at $7,200. We apply a 20% discount to all of the items you see above.

“Honey & Dear Wedding Film Package” – $7,525+HST

This package is what you need in order to look back at your wedding years from now and remember all of the little things that happened. We provide 3 Cinematogrphers for 10 consecutive hours to be there from getting ready in the morning, till the party kicks off a night. There will be cinema coverage of all of your events throughout the day. And with a Highlight Film ready just a few weeks after your wedding you will have a sweet little trailer of your wedding film that you can share with Friends and Family. Your Main Feature is the main event. Stitching together all the moments of the day, with the kind words shared by your friends and family during speeches, and the most important moments of your ceremony. You can relive your entire wedding day in a beautifully composed short film.

This package contains:

When the items in this package are priced individually, the value is at $10,750. We apply a 30% discount to all of the items you see above.

“The Complete Honey & Dear Wedding Experience” – $10,115+HST

You asked for it. This is everything we can possibly do for you to make your wedding an experience to remember not only for weeks and months but for years to come. With extended hours and three cinematographers you can be sure that you will have every moment of the day captured.  An Engagement Story and Same Day Edit to be shown on the big screen at your venue, will wow your guests and leave not a dry eye in the room. And the Main Feature Film allows you to relive your entire wedding day in a beautifully composed short film that brings together all the major events of the day, to the sweet moments you never want to forget. You will never have to look back and say “I wish we had filmed that…”

Please inquire about your date using the Contact Page. We’d like to get to know a bit more about you and sit down and meet with you in person before we get down to business!


Thank you for your interest in Honey & Dear.  This is a pretty exciting time for you both and we’re honoured that you would consider having us along with you for the biggest day of your life!

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