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Alan & Kristine are really cool. I wouldn’t normally point something like that out – but when Alan first emailed us over a year ago – we were really excited to learn that he is a lead designer for an amazing company called Umbra. If you haven’t seen Umbra stuff – you probably are somewhere in the arctic tundra (which rhymes with Umbra – just saying). Anyways – we first met Alan and Kristine in the mega showroom on Queen Street in Toronto and we’ve been excited for their wedding since then.

Their wedding was intended to take place at the top of Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario. The rain decided to come. We were all watching our iphone radar apps to see if there was any good news – but nothing good was coming. So – the ceremony got moved inside and the day went ahead according to the rest of the plan. Here’s the Same Day Edit we made for Alan & Kristine. We hope you like it.

It was really great to spend the day with Ryan and Erika from Rowell Photography. It was exciting to see Ryan fly his toy helicopter in the back room while I was editing. A bit of a distraction – but well worth it;)I totally want one of those now.

Music in this Same Day Edit is ‘The Heart is Hard to Find’ by one of my favourites – Jimmy Eat World. Buy the song here

Thanks very much Alan & Kristine for having us. Also thank you for making the day amazingly relaxed and laid back. Some people would be stressed about the rain but you guys just made it no big deal at all and that was awesome.

Have fun on your honeymoon and we’ll see you soon.

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  • Shelly Nicolle - wow…what a fantastic job you did on this video for my daughter and her wonderful husband…I will continue to look at this video and cry with tears of happiness knowing that they both found their soul mates. thank you

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We met Minh & Mark (and Jovie!) at the Wedding Co. Show this past January at the Carlu. As a side note – we’re signed up again for the show which is going to be amazing – but enough about us!

One of the first things I noticed about Mark was that he in fact was at a wedding show. It’s quite rare for guys to come to these things and as a guy who attended a fare share of them during my engagement – I could appreciate the devotion Mark had to Minh.

This was a very special wedding. Mark’s brother and best friend passed away from cancer not a year ago. He was supposed to be Mark’s best man. There was so much emotion on this day. Mark had a photo of his brother and it stayed close to him all day and night. Take a look at the Same Day Edit wedding film we made for these guys.

Guys, we want to thank you so much for having us film your wedding. And we’d also totally like to have a Cineplex date with you when you get back from your Honeymoon!

The music in this Same Day Edit wedding film is by a personal friend of ours: Marcel Preston. His band, Sky Terminal recently released their debut album and it is incredible. We’ve been saving this song for just the right couple and we couldn’t be happier using it for Minh & Mark. Buy the song ‘Tonight’ -from the album Don’t Close Your Eyes. Also check out their website – www.skyterminal.net

It was amazing working with the two Kevins (Kevin Lam & Kevin Fung) who did the photography.

The venue was the modern castle Paramount in Vaughan which was really cool.

I also have to say it is rare that I thoroughly enjoy working with a DJ company – but last night working with Chris and his team from S4 Sound Sensations was a true pleasure. They are a big company so make sure you ask for Chris.

Last but not least – a big thank you to Jovie Padua of Jovial Events. This girl knows how to put on a great party – and she did it with a 4-month old in tow! Amazing job Jovie!

  • Chris - Wow! Very special work.

  • Sue Vuong - You guys are amazing. I could keep watching this video over and over again…actually I have been. Thank you for capturing my sister and brother’s wedding. Fantastic job.

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  • Jovie Padua - One word….”AMAZING””!!!

  • Jovie Padua - Wait, I guess I have more words. LOL – I didn`t get to see the whole ceremony since I was standing in the back, so when I saw the SDE at the reception I started bawling. I`m so glad you guys were there to capture this moment, not just for them, but for all of us. Thank you!!

  • Jean p - Amazing work!! I loved the video and all the pictures. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family!!

  • Jenn Ebuenga-Smith - I LOVE everything you did! I can’t believe that you were able to get the SDE together for the reception. I’m happy you did. It was a beautiful surprise.

  • Ha - Thank you so much for being able to capture the essence of Minh & Mark’s special day. When you showed the same day edit at the end of the night, it blew me away on how I can relive that day in just a few short minutes all over again. Great work!

Sophie & Tim got married this past weekend in her parent’s backyard. It was a really sweet ceremony and we love how much Sophie and Tim love each other. Watch their Same Day Edit.

Music in this Same Day Edit is by the band Augustana “Just Stay Here Tonight”.

Also – take a look at their Love Story which is one of my favourites to date.

We had a blast working with our friend Rebecca Wood who took some pretty awesome photos!

Thank you so much Sophie and Tim for having us – we’ll see you soon!

  • Sophie - No, thank YOU Andrew and Emily for making our day so so special:)

Erin & Hussein got married on Canada Day, July 1, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario holding their ceremony at the historic Hart House at University of Toronto and their cocktail reception at the top of the Manulife Building at Panorama.

This is just a teaser of their Main Feature wedding film.

We had such a fantastic time spending the day with Erin & Hussein. Thanks guys for having us!

Music – Go On – Jack Johnson – Buy the song here

Special thanks to our friend Lee Weston who did an amazing job photographing their wedding! You can see her photos from the wedding here

Erin gets ready to marry Hussein

  • Robyn Chew - Brilliant!! Awesome job guys:)

  • Erin & Hussein - Ahhhhh!!! We’re still on our honeymoon and just getting a chance to comment on this! We love it. Thank you so much. Your work speaks for itself. Incredible stuff. Hope San Fran was great! Much love, E & H

Valerie & David got married at On The Park, a hidden gem of a reception venue in the middle of Toronto. This is the Same Day Edit wedding film we made for them.

This was a big wedding for us – and there was a lot on the line because Valerie had told us numerous times that she had watched every single one of our videos to date and constantly refreshed her RSS to see when we would post new videos. We had to make sure when it was her turn that we didn’t disappoint!

We loved this wedding for so many reasons. The rich tradition in the Jewish wedding culture was fascinating and really inspiring. All of the men – including Drew & Andrew – had to wear Yamakas for the Bedecking and the Ceremony. That was a first and it was really cool to learn and be a part of it all.

The Hoorah was also a lot of fun – crazy energy – we had to kind of muscle our way into the crowd – but it was worth it!

Thank you so much to Sarah – the amazing wedding coordinator who kept the day moving ahead and really made our jobs easy!

We loved working with Marc from Crabtree Photography – crabtreephotography.com/​#

We hope you both enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed making it for you, Valerie & David. Thank you so much for having us – we loved every minute of it!

Whitney & James got married on a perfect afternoon in Alliston, Ontario. We made a Same Day Edit wedding film for them. Here it is!

Thanks so much for having us guys! It was great getting to know you and we look forward to more tasty pizza dates at our favourite wood fired pizza restaurant!

Tommy & Nichole got married this past weekend at the gorgeous Lora Bay Golf Club just west of Collingwood, Ontario. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony with not a cloud in the sky. Nichole started her day at the Mosaic Hotel in Blue Mountain. Tommy started his at Lora Bay. Tommy was very excited about his shoes. They were pretty stellar Louis Vuitton Shoes.

After a simple outdoor ceremony performed by a Justice of the Peace, they went for a photoshoot with our good friend Nat Caron. There was a fairly hilarious part that not enough people saw where Nat’s assistant Brent strapped me to the back of a Golf Cart (where the bags usually go) and I filmed Tommy & Nichole while Brent was driving. It was amazing and also terribly dangerous on several levels:)What we do for a good shot!

Well – enough rambling – here’s the Same Day Edit we created for Tommy & Nichole.

For those of you who don’t know what a Same Day Edit is – allow me to explain – we film and edit this 3-5 minute short film and have it ready to show at your reception around 10:00pm or so. We bring the projector and screen and everyone gathers around. It’s a lot of fun!

The music in this Same Day Edit is “Come Home” – Chappo – EP

  • Paulina - I cannot get over how amazing this piece is. Being the sister of the groom (who embarrassed herself by bawling in front of everyone), this almost had me in tears again. Thank you for doing a wonderful job!
    Is the beach piece available to us as well?

    Thanks a lot,

  • Paulina - I cannot get over how amazing this piece is. Being the sister of the groom (who embarrassed herself by bawling in front of everyone), this almost had me in tears again. Thank you for doing a wonderful job!
    Is the beach piece available to us as well?

    Thanks a lot,

  • Paulina - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I’m gonna start crying again (yes, this is the sister of the groom, the one that cried in front of everyone during the speech). You guys did an amazing job. So impressed!!

    Is the beach piece (the engagement type shoot) available to us as well?

    Anyways, thanks again for this artwork,

  • Nichole - This is the bride! I have a few minutes of internet at my disposal and wanted to write a quick note to say: Andrew and Emily are wonderful, normal, easy-going people who YOU WANT TO FILM YOUR WEDDING. I am very critical and choosy and I only had to see their work ONCE and I was 100% sure that these people were the ones for me :)

Alli & Roman had a stunning Gibson Centre Wedding in Alliston, Ontario. Here’s the Same Day Edit wedding film we created for them.

When we first met Alli & Roman, we instantly knew these two were perfect for each other. They are amazingly comfortable with each other. We love how much they love each other. Alli is the most down-to-earth bride we’ve ever met. We really loved getting to know them and their adorable pets!

It seems to be a bit of a pattern this wedding season that rain has been a part of the story. It absolutely poured from about 8:00am through until at least noon. Roman had plans to go fishing in the morning but that got shelved. Alli was quite safe and warm having her hair done – the rain didn’t bother her at all.

The rain finally stopped and the day went ahead as planned. A really cool part of the ceremony was a Russian tradition of bread and salt being presented from Roman’s mom where the one who took the biggest bite of the bread was officially in charge of the house-hold. Roman won by a healthy margin!

Thanks so much Alli and Roman for having us – we loved being there for you guys and we hope you’ll enjoy this film for years to come. P.s. – how were the midnight cheeseburgers?

We always love the treat of working with our pal Nat Caron who photographed the wedding and her amazing assistant Brent who provided the muscle! This was our first wedding with our brand new 10′ x 6′ portable screen for showing the Same Day Edits. I have to admit – I was pretty impressed with how it looked!

The music in this Same Day Edit is Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep

  • Roman - Absolutely amazing how in three minutes you have managed to capture a poetic “coles notes” take on the day that brings tears of emotion to my eyes with every viewing. I know many people in many different occupations, but you Andrew and Emily, top a short list of those who have truly found their calling. You are instinctually always at the right place at the right time

Actually getting together in person with Zoe and Tim proved to be a bit of a comedy of errors. They were planning a wedding in Barrie remotely from Montreal and whether it was a snowstorm or conflicting schedules – we ended up having to reschedule more than once!

We finally met Zoe and Tim for Thai food followed by some of the best stand up comedy we’ve ever experienced a few months ago! Our friend Nat Caron who photographed their wedding joined us for the comedy night. Tim, a touring comedian was the host for a Yuk Yuks comedy tour which as he explained is a job reserved for the truly experienced comedians because they have to warm up the crowd and keep the night going. Zoe is in the background of the comedy world – producing and scouting new comedians for the Just For Laughs festival among other things.

Zoe & Tim got married exactly the way they wanted to. It happened to be perfectly planned down to the breadstick but at the same time nothing about this wedding was about being on schedule. Zoe didn’t walk down an aisle. Tim didn’t wait to see his bride. The both woke up together and spent their wedding day side by side.

In the company of friends and family, Zoe and Tim gathered everyone together at the foot of the pond and said ‘let’s get married’. We had an amazing time with them and here’s a little teaser of the day.

Thank you guys for having us – we had such an amazing time spending your wedding day with you!

Music – Guster – ‘This Could All Be Yours’ – Buy their music here

Also – one last thing – this wedding wouldn’t have been the same without the fine melodies from Josh Cockerill and his band. They were incredible and their CD is amazing. Check them out here

  • Zoe Rabnett - YAY! Thanks so much you guys – we LOVE this! We have no idea how you did it – we have no memory of you guys being in some of the places that you obviously must have been. You´re stealthy and awesome – we can´t wait to see the rest!! Big hugs and many thanks! xo Zoe & Tim

  • Cameron Fraser - That is a terrific little film. Looking forward to the big film.

  • Cameron Fraser - This is a great little film. It, very much, captures the day. I’m looking forward to the director’s cut and, perhaps, some commentary from Zoe and Tim.

  • Marissa - Beautiful film, can I ask where in Barrie it was shot? Private or Public space?

  • Andrew Sorlie - Hey Marissa! Thanks! This Wedding was at a private family property in midhurst. I’m quite certain it’s not available as a venue… :( too bad because it’s stunning!

    We do know of a similar place- email us at hello@honeyanddear.com

Laura & Cris are really awesome people. We first met them in October and we fell in love with them when Cris told us he’d rather just have a great wedding film than traditional wedding photography if he had to choose. Don’t get me wrong – we love wedding photography when it’s done well – but it was nice to know how much Cris valued the quality of our work and honestly just made us feel nice! We were able to connect Laura and Cris with our friend Michael Steingard for photography who did an amazing job photographing their wedding.

It was clear to us how much family meant to Laura and Cris. There was a lot of family in town for the wedding including some from Italy. Their Catholic Mass wedding ceremony took place St. Lawrence the Martyr Church in Scarborough with a beautiful traditional Italian reception following at The Venetian Banquet Hall. The rain made things interesting with an un-planned trip to Wal-Mart to buy some matching umbrellas.

Take a look at this Same Day Edit highlight film that we shot, edited and presented at their reception on 4 giant screens!

Thank you Laura & Cris for having us at your wedding. We loved spending the day with you and your family and we hope you guys enjoy your honeymoon in St. Lucia!

You can purchase the music featured in this Same Day Edit – My Darling – Life In Letters (Bonus Track Version) by Lucy Schwartz.