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Joy & Nathan got married on July 7, 2012 in a heart-warming ceremony at Joy’s childhood church, First Baptist Church in Brampton. Joy’s pastor, Reverend Fung began the ceremony with the story of Joy’s birth which he was around for. Joy’s mom had three surgeries on her heart in the first week of Joy’s life. Because of a weak heart, giving birth to Joy cause her mom’s heart to tear and required three surgeries to repair.  Rev. Fung recounted the story. The entire room was full of tears (it makes it hard to film when you’re crying yourself!).

parents crying during wedding ceremony

There was a happy ending though because fast-forward to Saturday and Rev. Fung was able to mary the miracle that was Joy!

bride cries at wedding ceremony

Here is the Same Day Edit that we showed later that night at the reception at the Bellvue Manor.

Joy and Nathan also put on quite the show with their dance. I’m impressed by the guts Nathan has to whip Joy around like he did!

first dance twirl

We had a great time working with Dave and Sherry from David Buck Weddings who took photography and put together a nice slideshow that night.

We were also really impressed by the 1954 Rolls Royce that Joy and Nathan got to ride around in provided by A Rolls Choice Livery.

The Music in this Same Day Edit is ‘Kids’ by the band Saints of Valory and was licensed through TheMusicBed.com.

Thank you Joy & Nathan for having us! Have a great flight home!

We just returned home from a Canada Day weekend trip to Kelowna, B.C. It was a short 3-day whirlwind, but in the middle – we filmed a wedding for Chris and Susan. It was quite a stormy weekend and there was rain off and on the entire day of their wedding. We all waited to see if there would be a break in the clouds and about 30 minutes or so after the ceremony was supposed to start – the clouds opened and the rain stopped and a small army of Cedar Creek Winery staff armed with towels set out to dry off the seats for the guests.  It was really quite impressive how fast they got the place ready! The reception was held at the historic El Dorado Hotel which is almost 100 years old! This photo is an iPhone shot that I took from the balcony at the El Dorado.

Photo of clouds and lake in Kelowna, British Columbia

We put together a little teaser for Chris and Susan to enjoy while they are in Africa on their Honeymoon.

The music in this Teaser is called ‘Heart of Me’ by the band Green River Ordinance and was licensed through TheMusicBed.com

Nadia and Mariusz are pretty awesome people. We first met them over a year ago and had some of the best Thai I’ve ever had. We really believe that the experience of filming a wedding and being involved with two people’s biggest day really creates a bond for us and we make tonnes of new friends each year. We’ve got a few Lawyer friends because of weddings, a few Doctors in various fields, and various other professions. Well – Mariusz is a police officer and while we have a few other Police officers already in our roster – there’s just something about his stature that makes me think he could probably be robocop if he wanted to.  I’m not gonna call it a man-crush – but i’m just saying – I know who to call if there’s ever some shady business happening – and it’s not gonna be Darkwing Duck. Nadia was a stunning bride as well and I’m just really excited to share the Same Day Edit we created for them last night.

We had an amazing time filming Nadia and Mariusz’s wedding at the Arcadian Court downtown Toronto. Both the ceremony and reception were held there which was really convenient for everyone! Nadia and Mariusz each had rooms booked at the brand new Trump International Hotel and Tower – which I’ve gotta say – as a big fan of the early ‘Apprentice’ seasons – I was impressed by everything at the Hotel from the amazing staff and the stunning interiors right down to the in bathroom-mirror TVs and the touch-screen lighting systems. It was pretty cool.

We worked with a great team of people last night. Internally – we were excited to have Richard James along with us for his first wedding film shoot! We also had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Kaye who did a great job taking photos. Our new BFF Jenny from Belle Fleur Events was a supernova rockstar of organization supremacy. The catering was done by Oliver & Bonacini -need I say more – it was amazing!

The music used in this Same Day Edit was ‘Count on You’ by Mikey Wax and was licensed through The Music Bed.

Thank you again Nadia and Mariusz for having us – we had an amazing day with you guys!

Karolina & Mike got married last month in London, Ontario.

We usually let Andrew do most of the talking when it comes to our blog posts, but for this wedding, we are going to do things a little differently. Days after the wedding Karolina wrote us a message, and it took us a little by surprise, after all these guys were on their honeymoon and had much better things to do than be emailing us. But they did email us, and what an message: it brought tears to our eyes…(ok maybe just Emily’s). So we wanted to share this with the rest of you because reading the things Karolina had to say, completely humbled us and reminded us again of why it is we are so in love with what we do.

“Emily & Andrew are from Barrie; we’re from London. We had great intentions to meet up before the wedding but it wasn’t meant to be; we all lead pretty crazy lives it seems. We ended up meeting them both, for the first time, the day of the wedding! They were amazing! They guided, offered tips and supported us throughout the day. They were with us the whole day; sneakily filming not only the key moments but the way we held hands, had mishaps, sneaked in kisses, held each other. The elements that exemplify true love between two people. Andrew even “buffaloed” Mike at the Church because he was too serious and we needed him to smile. Emily showed me a little clip of the squirrel that attended our wedding to make me chuckle. It was like having the wedding filmed by close friends. And the most incredible moment happened at the end of their filming. Through their amazing skills we were able to take a moment and truly take in the day and its happenings. Mike and I got to see each other get ready, hear the words we had for each other prior to the ceremony, see the reaction to opening each others wedding gifts; we got to see both sides! It was the most perfect end to the night. The video encompassed us wholly and the love that we have for one another. We were in tears from true happiness and will be playing the same day edit on repeat throughout the coming days/months/years. We cannot thank Andrew and Emily enough! Their work speaks for itself and they truly are the most wonderful people to work with!”


We always love an opportunity to spend time with our friends Ewan and Brianna from LastFortyPercent.com – you can see the amazing engagement photography session they did with Karolina and Mike here. The screen shot below is Mike enjoying his ‘Boudoir’ album of images of his new bride shot by Ewan.

The fellas were given Mike a hard time about the new photo album;)

Thanks Karolina and Mike for having us along to film your wedding. And thank you for reminding us that what we do at Honey & Dear is very special, very sacred. We hope to see you guys again soon.

The Music in this Same Day Edit was licensed through TheMusicBed.com.

Michelle & Allen were married in a beautiful wedding ceremony under a canopy on a rooftop garden that happened to be under a flight path fairly close to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario. During their relatively brief but very romantic wedding, we counted something like 37 jumbo jets flying over. It ended up being quite funny for everyone after a while!  Check out the Same Day Edit we made for them.

It was a very long day but we had perfect weather! Allen had to compete in some pretty tough games in order to win his lady. After a photoshoot in the historic Alexander Muir Gardens, we all headed back to the Grand Victorian for the rest of their evening.

We loved spending the day with our new photographer friends Leon Chai and his lovely wife GiGi. Check out their photos here.

The Music in this Same Day Edit is ‘Forgot Love’ by the band Public Radio and was licensed through TheMusicBed.com.

Joanne & Cleveland got married on May 5, 2012 in a beautiful Christian ceremony held at Unionville Alliance Church in Markham, Ontario. I loved the beautiful and often hilarious words spoken by Bishop Canute Blake Sr. who married Joanne Samuels and Cleveland Lancelot Harris!  This wedding was such a family event – our new friend Sheldon Isaac who is Joanne’s brother-in-law photographed the wedding. Check out a few photos here. Kenny Blake Jr. was the MC and also led the gospel trio ‘Echoes of Praise’ both at the ceremony and reception which was absolutely incredible to experience.

Joanne and Cleveland - www.honeyanddear.com

Cleveland and Joanne chose the first weekend in May to get married which coincidentally is also Cinco de Mayo, which notably has absolutely nothing to do with their wedding except for the fact that Mucho Burrito was having a special on burritos that day and ‘Mucho’ is Katie(our newest member to the Honey & Dear team)’s favourite restaurant. I say all this because the following film about Joanne & Cleveland’s wedding was edited entirely by Katie and it is her first highlight film and we think she knocked it out of the park! What do you think?

We had such an amazing time getting to know Joanne and Cleveland. A few weeks before their wedding, we got together and made an engagement film that is actually quite awesome. Joanne does a bit of personal training and she showed Cleveland a thing or two.

The Music used in both films was licensed through TheMusicBed.com. The song from the Highlight film is ‘Disarm’ by Ben Rector.


Mark Wretham is a good friend of ours. We see him all the time at events. He’s usually the guy behind the camera, snapping away for his next issue of Snap Barrie. We love how Snap always has positive stories in it about our community! In fact, Honey & Dear started to advertise in Snap for that very reason this year. Mark owns the Barrie franchise of Snap Magazine and his beautiful bride is the Creative Designer for both the Newmarket and Barrie papers.

They finally got married this past weekend after eleven years of dating. ‘Markie’, as his father acknowledged him in his speech, was joined by over 100 of their closest friends at the Maclaren Art Centre in downtown Barrie. Here is the Same Day Edit that we showed at around 9:30pm at the reception.

This wedding was a lot of fun for us because we got the long-awaited opportunity to work with our friend Jennifer Klementti who took some stunning photography! It was also great to work with Debbie Savic of Fresh Occasion Coordination

The music in this piece is called “Black Woods, White Beach” by the band Afterlife Parade and was licensed through The Music Bed.

Thank you Mark and Tricia for having us as your wedding cinematographers and we hope you have an amazing honeymoon in Costa Rica!

  • Jennifer Klementti - Hi guys, it was so amazing to work with you yesterday for Mark & Tricia’s wedding! Your same day edit was incredible. You were so professional and you truly captured the beauty of their day. I would be honoured to work alongside you again.
    Take care,

  • Andrew Sorlie - Thanks so much Jen!! We loved working with you too!! Can’t wait to see those late night shots!!

  • talia Nathanson - Love the video. I was wondering who did her hair and makeup?

    Thank you

  • Andrew Sorlie - Not sure

Honey & Dear licenses all our music through www.themusicbed.com

We get tonnes of comments on our films regarding the music and people are always asking how we find our music.  Without giving too much away – (actually really giving the whole secret away here) – we use a website called TheMusicBed.com

Wedding videos have historically kind of had a reputation for having cheesy music.  We decided very early on that we were going to search for music that we liked rather than dropping either an ’80s song or perhaps something from the Black Eyed Peas.

We had always tried our best to reach out to artists and ask for permission to use their music. Sometimes, we wouldn’t hear back so we’d figure that we were ok to use their music. Initially, we thought if we bought the song from iTunes, we were good to go. Not the case. We were technically illegally using music and we weren’t happy about that.  We had inquired about using music from popular bands right from the record labels and they told us it would be around $20,000 and up to use each song once.  That wasn’t going to work. We continued to research and one day we got an unexpected, but highly welcomed hand written invitation in the mail to try out a brand new website called TheMusicBed.com. The site offers fully licensable Royalty Free Music, Stock Music, and Production Music that we can use for our films. And the music selection is actually amazing. All kinds of artists that we love and they are adding more every week! They have music licenses for weddings, corporate videos, non-profit projects and more.

In the past, Royalty Free music has been extremely painful and never a good solution for our type of wedding films. That all changed with The Music Bed.  We’ve now used them exclusively for our last 15 wedding films and we are excited about continuing our relationship with The Music Bed.

Here’s what we love most about The Music Bed

• Amazing selection of songs for all kinds of projects

• The quality of songs is amazing – great music from amazing, mostly independent artists

• We are actually paying the artist an affordable, sustainable amount to use their music and everyone is happy!

• They give us the option to license songs for wedding films or for corporate videos

• Perhaps our favourite part is how cool their website looks and works. It’s got a cool wish list feature and you can listen to the entire song!

TheMusicBed.com and Honeyanddear.com

We got a chance to meet The Music Bed team at In[Focus] in Charleston and getting to know them and their vision for supporting artists and doing things the right way perfectly lines up with our goals at Honey & Dear.

Even if you’re not in the business of making videos for weddings or really anything else, check out the site cause you might fall in love with some new music!


Planning a wedding isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, patience, tylenol, money, antacids and of course time. But as the day arrives, you forget about all of the labour you have put into the planning and execution of your perfect day and just let it all unfold. The past 18 or so months of effort are worth it because your day will be perfect.  Kim & Chris had their wedding planned at a particular church/reception venue and were excited to get married all in one spot. As the days grew closer, excitement and anticipation grew they asked about having a final tasting.  It was that phone call, roughly 90 days before their booked wedding was to take place, that they were told the venue had been booked with another couple and there was no record of their five-figure deposit anywhere.  After repeated calls to their contact at the venue with no success and after looking over all of their documents, it was clear that something bad was happening.

I can remember getting a phone call around 10:30pm or so one night in October. It was Chris on the other end and he wasn’t his usual confident self.  He said – I think we have a problem”. Without getting into too much detail – they were out a venue and a large sum of cash with less than 3 months to plan a brand new wedding.  I can remember frantically reaching out to some of our friends and then the idea of Steamwhistle Brewery came to mind.

A few days later, a more relaxed and confident Chris phoned back and said things are good – the venue is now Steamwhistle (which is actually now our favourite place to recommend couples – more that later). After a few bumps in the road, Chris and his strong but silent bride-to-be Kim began re-dreaming their wedding. Here is a look at how the day unfolded.

We had an amazing time getting to know Kim & Chris. After having one of the best steaks of my life about two weeks ago with these two, I just felt the real-ness and sincerity of their relationship. I also love that Kim hates carrots with a passion.  The most exciting part of this wedding was just how everything came together and honestly – after being involved with a hundred or so weddings ourselves – there wasn’t anything noticeably whipped together or rushed at all. It felt perfect and we were truly honoured to be there with them.

I would like to mention how much of a pleasure it was to work with Mirza from Wandering Eye Photography. It was a pleasure to spend the day alongside you – you made our day incredibly easy and we appreciate it.

The music in this piece is by one of our new favourites – Zerbin. The song is entitled ‘I Want You’ and it was licensed through the website www.themusicbed.com

Thank you again Kim and Chris – we’re so excited for your marriage together!

  • Kimberlea - Thank you soo much Andrew, Emily and Katie. Everyting was so perfect and the video is amazing. We have watched it at least 10 times already today. You were a joy to have with us on our day.

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  • Chris - 2 months have passed since the wedding and we’re still watching our video with friends and family. One thing remains constant, everyone is emphatic about how impressed they are with the same day edit.

    We hooked it up to a big screen TV for the first time last night and were blown away yet again. We can’t say enough how happy we’ve been with this video and how much it added to our experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work and the creative talent you posses.


This is sort of an update for everyone out there. We’re very excited to be exhibiting again at the Wedding Co. Show this weekend (January 13th, 14th & 15th) at The Carlu. There are well over 100 of Toronto’s finest wedding companies all getting together for three days of awesomeness. The Wedding Co. Site has been down due to the immense traffic it has been getting – but if you haven’t picked up your tickets now – they will be available at the door. If you’d like a bit more information about the show – click here to see the temporary facebook page they have put up while the website is being fixed.

One of the exciting things about this show is the launch of the first ever Wedding Co. Magazine.  We were asked by the Wedding Co. to create a series of teaser videos as well as this video below to promote the magazine. Have a look and see what you think:

The music in this video was licensed through our friends at TheMusicBed.com

In other news, we have found our intern for 2012! We are very excited to introduce Katie Bailey to everyone. Katie will be working with us and helping to assist us at weddings. We’re excited to have her and she’ll be at the Wedding Co. Show with us on Saturday and Sunday.  Emily and Andrew won’t be at the show on Sunday as we are travelling to Charleston, S.C. for the amazing [in]Focus event. This will be our second time taking part in the cinematography education and inspiration conference and we can’t wait to see everyone and learn some new things.

Make sure you come visit us at the show!