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Using a wedding coordinator takes stress off your shoulders

Hey there,

When Andrew and I got married, we planned everything ourselves and didn’t use a wedding planner.  Our wedding was great, and I loved every minute of it – but thinking back to our big day – we should have chosen to work with a wedding coordinator.  There are so many little details that you won’t anticipate such as communicating with people, figuring out deliveries, keeping your caterer informed and ready in terms of time, and taking care of mini-disasters that do end up happening.

We have filmed at weddings with and without wedding planners and the couples who had a wedding planner typically had a better day on average. We can certainly recommend a few planners who we have worked with – but you have to make a solid connection with this person.

Just something to think about!


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Sorlie Arts is changing into Honey & Dear (sort of)

We’re really excited to announce some fairly significant changes that may affect you in one way or another.

Sorlie Arts first opened its’ doors in February of 2009. Back then, all we knew is that we wanted to make really cool videos – but had little to no direction at that point other than a desire to be excellent.

In 2009, we filmed 10 weddings, some corporate videos for websites and some other cool projects that we had fun doing. The wedding side of things seemed to give us the most joy though.

Sorlie Arts was mainly Andrew working alone Monday-Friday with Emily (Andrew’s Wife) working Evenings and Weekends when not at her full-time job. For 2010, we have 17 wedding films lined up (we’re about halfway through our schedule!).

We’ve been growing into filmmakers and doing some cool new things including Same Day Edits. Check this one out…

We’ve also been doing some great corporate work for lots of companies! We have switched to a new type of camera that just blows our old one away.

But the biggest news is that Emily has recently left her full-time office job to join me (Andrew) Full Time! With Emily joining me full time, we decided to refocus our attention on our wedding films and we decided to re-name our company ‘Honey & Dear’.

Honey & Dear represents Andrew & Emily – but it also represents the couples whose weddings we film. It represents a lot of things and we love that! Sorlie Arts will no longer offer wedding films moving forward, although we’re sure it will take a while to make the switch in people’s minds.

Why are we telling you this? Well – at this point, you haven’t booked with Sorlie Arts, but we would love to meet you in person and discuss filming your wedding.

We have released our pricing for the rest of 2010 and 2011. There is a (very slight) increase to reflect the fact that Emily now works with me full time. We only work with 20 or so couples per year. We believe in what we’re doing for our couples. We hope you see your wedding film as an investment in your future. Click here to see our current pricing which is subject to change – although we’re pretty sure it will stay this way for the next year or so!

Thank you for reading and for telling all your friends about us!

Andrew & Emily Sorlie

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Introducing Honey & Dear

Honey & Dear is Andrew & Emily Sorlie.  We love what we do – we can truly say we have found our passion which is working together to make people happy.

Neither of us are quite sure when we decided to start making wedding films, but the fact that we went without is a big factor in our decision for sure.  We started by being that friend who had a video camera taping people’s weddings.

We got married in October of 2007.  We didn’t have our wedding filmed professionally.  Needless to say – we regret the fact almost daily. When we think back to our wedding, we remember a few things – but the thing that comes to mind is how much we wish we could have watched our vows again and especially the speeches from our reception.

We did have the fortune to have Dave Biesse of www.daveandcharlotte.com photograph our wedding and one of my greatest memories is how he treated us like royalty on the day of our wedding.  We had some different stresses that we were dealing with and it seemed like within moments of him arriving – our stresses were gone.  I knew that I wanted to be able to give people that same type of treatment one day.

Honey & Dear started under the name Sorlie Arts in February of 2009. A friend of ours came up with the name Honey & Dear in mid-2010 and we loved it so we kept it.  I (Andrew) have a marketing and advertising background.  I spent a few years after graduating from college top of my class as a marketing manager – but I found that I just wasn’t getting the opportunity to make people happy the way I knew I wanted to.  I have always loved movies since I was a kid and had part-time jobs at both a video rental store and a movie theatre. Emily has a very creative background and after graduating from York University with an honours degree in Visual Arts,  with a focus in photography, Emily worked for a few different companies in various roles helping them all to grow in whatever capacity she could.  After seeing Emily get pretty much burned out by working a full-time job and helping me on evenings and weekends – we decided it was time for her to quit her full-time job and join me to officially form Honey & Dear.

Since 2007, we have had incredible opportunities to film weddings for nearly forty couples.  We have met wonderful friends along the way who have helped us to raise the bar in wedding cinematography.  2011 promises to be an even bigger year with a trip to Australia and Singapore to film two weddings planned and already 14 fantastic couples who have chosen to have us along with them for their big day.  We will also be exhibiting at the Wedding Co Show and have been chosen as the preferred wedding cinematographer for The Estates of Sunnybrook.

The most important thing to know about us is that we remember our wedding like it was yesterday and we want to help you enjoy every second of your wedding and then be able to recall the day over and over again years down the road.

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HeatherJuly 9, 2010 - 5:02 pm

Very happy for you! :^) Congratulations!

MikeJuly 31, 2010 - 12:59 pm

Andrew and Emily just shot my friend Kris’ wedding yesterday and they did an amazing job! They are very talented, extremely nice people and the same day edit was incredible. Awesome job guys!

"They make me look good for recommending them…"

I met Andrew Sorlie a while back at a photographer’s pub night.  Only thing is, Andrew’s not a photographer per se. He’s a wedding cinematographer. And he’s wicked at it. We’ve met up a few times since then, most recently at a workshop called Awaken. Andrew and his wife and partner Emily were there shooting and editing video. They turned out an amazing same day edit that was exciting and intriguing of a room full of people sitting down watching someone speak. If they can make that interesting just imagine about what they can do with your wedding.

Okay, forget imagining ‘watch this‘.  I know, right? By now you should know how I feel about Honey & Dear. I trust them with my recommendations. I know they’ll never let me or my couples down and beyond that I know that they’ll thrill our clients and in turn make me look good for recommending them. I’m a fan.

Luca Ragogna

Wedding Photographer

March 25, 2010

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Hiring Honey & Dear was one of the best decisions we made!!

First of all, let me just say that Andrew & Emily are AMAZING wedding filmmakers!! I’m sure you can already tell from the videos on their website what kind of work they are capable of doing. I know when I stumbled upon their site and saw one of their wedding videos I started crying at my desk! And then I promptly emailed my fiance and told him this is who I want to film our day. Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with pictures and capturing every special moment. So our wedding film was very important to me as a bride. I always felt that a good wedding film could potentially help a couple weather some of the storms of married life. Although I can’t picture it now, I’m sure a day will come when I am not so madly in love with my husband and we’ve just had a big argument, and I can see myself putting on our film, and reliving our special day, and remembering all the reasons why he’s the one I chose to spend the rest of my life with which would put things into perspective again.

The other thing that I wanted to say is that the part that you can’t see from Andrew & Emily’s website is what amazing & professional people they are to work with!! So many guests at our wedding that got a chance to talk to them, came up to us and told us how great they were. (Which came as no surprise to us!) We really felt like they truly cared about capturing our day. They didn’t treat it like a “job”. Even though we had just met them, it felt like they treated us as friends, and did their very best to do capture all the details of our day. And they went above and beyond the call of duty, helping our out of province photographers find cute places to take picture of us, and helping them with their camera settings. Like I said, they didn’t treat it as a contractual obligation. They really acted like caring friends, which we really appreciated.

In conclusion, hiring Honey & Dear was one of the best decisions we made!!

Oana & Travis Cook,

Barrie, Ontario,

Married February 7, 2010

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