Melissa and Andrew – Same Day Edit Wedding Film – Toronto, ON

Hello amazing people. It’s been a few months since we’ve been able to share with you a new film. We have had some cool weddings but haven’t been able to post them all lately – but needless to say – we’re still alive! Speaking of that – We’re travelling to Mexico for 10 days – leading tomorrow. If we don’t make it back – we expect you all to band together and form a search party. Ok. Enough nonsense. Here’s Melissa & Andrew’s Same Day Edit:

Just a few quick shout-outs. First – we got to finally meet Rachel Clingen who did an incredible job decorating at Hazelton Manor. We’ve worked with Jennifer before but never managed to connect in person. We’re always off filming when Jennifer and her team are doing their amazing miracle work.

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Speaking of Hazelton Manor – we are going to start a campaign to get the awesome folks at Hazelton to upgrade the projectors to HD. It’s time guys. We love you and the entire team at Hazelton. George and his amazing service staff always take great care of us. But guys – our videos look better in HD! Let’s start the Hashtag – #HD4Hazelton

I will be personally offended if the above hashtag does not instantly trend. Melissa and Andrew had a hashtag that was trending last night – #meliandrags15

Melissa and Andrew – you guys are awesome and we hope you have a great time in Hawaii!

Until next time everyone!

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