Robin & David – June 15, 2013 – Who doesn’t want a beach party on their wedding day? – Wedding Highlight Film

Robin & David are the good kind of people. They love the outdoors. They love challenging and pushing each other forward. When they called us to film their wedding last year, they were emphatic about one thing: Bring Your Bathing Suits! Really, Who doesn’t want a beach party on their wedding day? We made the nearly five-hour pilgrimage from our studio, through Algonquin Park, passing two Moose, and finally arriving in beautiful Golden Lake, Ontario. After an early morning wedding ceremony in the middle of an incredible forest. Sunlight was peaking through the trees and mosquitos were definitely on the guest-list (although I don’t think they brought gifts).

Robin and David

Check out the highlight film we made to give you a taste of what happened that day.

Robin and David were so amazing to work with. We had a few Skype chats over the course of the last year planning for this weekend. They were so kind not only to us, but to each other and in various emails back and forth, the love they had for each other was just evident. They arranged a nice little cottage for the three of us which was so great. We arrived past midnight Friday night to a welcoming sign on the cabin door greeting us.

We wanted to push ourselves to capture the atmosphere of the beach party and find a way to document the fun without being too ‘in the way’. So we picked up a couple of GoPro Hero 3 Black cameras. These little cameras put out an incredible image and you’ll see- we were able to get a completely different perspective using these micro, waterproof cameras.

We used GoPro cameras for Robin and David

The Music used in this piece is the song ‘Honey’ by the band Us & Our Daughters and was licensed through

Thank you Robin and David for everything. Your hospitality was so much so appreciated.

  • July 5, 2013 - 3:11 am

    Robin Visser - You guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything. Dave and I couldn’t have been happier to share our day with you.

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