Karolina & Mike – Same Day Edit Wedding Film – London, ON

Karolina & Mike got married last month in London, Ontario.

We usually let Andrew do most of the talking when it comes to our blog posts, but for this wedding, we are going to do things a little differently. Days after the wedding Karolina wrote us a message, and it took us a little by surprise, after all these guys were on their honeymoon and had much better things to do than be emailing us. But they did email us, and what an message: it brought tears to our eyes…(ok maybe just Emily’s). So we wanted to share this with the rest of you because reading the things Karolina had to say, completely humbled us and reminded us again of why it is we are so in love with what we do.

“Emily & Andrew are from Barrie; we’re from London. We had great intentions to meet up before the wedding but it wasn’t meant to be; we all lead pretty crazy lives it seems. We ended up meeting them both, for the first time, the day of the wedding! They were amazing! They guided, offered tips and supported us throughout the day. They were with us the whole day; sneakily filming not only the key moments but the way we held hands, had mishaps, sneaked in kisses, held each other. The elements that exemplify true love between two people. Andrew even “buffaloed” Mike at the Church because he was too serious and we needed him to smile. Emily showed me a little clip of the squirrel that attended our wedding to make me chuckle. It was like having the wedding filmed by close friends. And the most incredible moment happened at the end of their filming. Through their amazing skills we were able to take a moment and truly take in the day and its happenings. Mike and I got to see each other get ready, hear the words we had for each other prior to the ceremony, see the reaction to opening each others wedding gifts; we got to see both sides! It was the most perfect end to the night. The video encompassed us wholly and the love that we have for one another. We were in tears from true happiness and will be playing the same day edit on repeat throughout the coming days/months/years. We cannot thank Andrew and Emily enough! Their work speaks for itself and they truly are the most wonderful people to work with!”


We always love an opportunity to spend time with our friends Ewan and Brianna from LastFortyPercent.com – you can see the amazing engagement photography session they did with Karolina and Mike here. The screen shot below is Mike enjoying his ‘Boudoir’ album of images of his new bride shot by Ewan.

The fellas were given Mike a hard time about the new photo album 😉

Thanks Karolina and Mike for having us along to film your wedding. And thank you for reminding us that what we do at Honey & Dear is very special, very sacred. We hope to see you guys again soon.

The Music in this Same Day Edit was licensed through TheMusicBed.com.

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