How do we find our Music? Honey & Dear loves

Honey & Dear licenses all our music through

We get tonnes of comments on our films regarding the music and people are always asking how we find our music.  Without giving too much away – (actually really giving the whole secret away here) – we use a website called

Wedding videos have historically kind of had a reputation for having cheesy music.  We decided very early on that we were going to search for music that we liked rather than dropping either an ’80s song or perhaps something from the Black Eyed Peas.

We had always tried our best to reach out to artists and ask for permission to use their music. Sometimes, we wouldn’t hear back so we’d figure that we were ok to use their music. Initially, we thought if we bought the song from iTunes, we were good to go. Not the case. We were technically illegally using music and we weren’t happy about that.  We had inquired about using music from popular bands right from the record labels and they told us it would be around $20,000 and up to use each song once.  That wasn’t going to work. We continued to research and one day we got an unexpected, but highly welcomed hand written invitation in the mail to try out a brand new website called The site offers fully licensable Royalty Free Music, Stock Music, and Production Music that we can use for our films. And the music selection is actually amazing. All kinds of artists that we love and they are adding more every week! They have music licenses for weddings, corporate videos, non-profit projects and more.

In the past, Royalty Free music has been extremely painful and never a good solution for our type of wedding films. That all changed with The Music Bed.  We’ve now used them exclusively for our last 15 wedding films and we are excited about continuing our relationship with The Music Bed.

Here’s what we love most about The Music Bed

• Amazing selection of songs for all kinds of projects

• The quality of songs is amazing – great music from amazing, mostly independent artists

• We are actually paying the artist an affordable, sustainable amount to use their music and everyone is happy!

• They give us the option to license songs for wedding films or for corporate videos

• Perhaps our favourite part is how cool their website looks and works. It’s got a cool wish list feature and you can listen to the entire song! and

We got a chance to meet The Music Bed team at In[Focus] in Charleston and getting to know them and their vision for supporting artists and doing things the right way perfectly lines up with our goals at Honey & Dear.

Even if you’re not in the business of making videos for weddings or really anything else, check out the site cause you might fall in love with some new music!


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