Shane & Deanne – Same Day Edit – Windermere House Wedding – Muskoka

Shane & Deanne got married at the historic Windermere House on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka.  We loved spending the day with Shane and Deanne and their son Liam! Check out the Same Day Edit that we put together for Shane & Deanne!

It was a perfect day and we were happy to have Nat Caron of Nat Caron Photography along for the wedding.  It was also great to have Aaron Sickle of Tier Delight Cakes on hand to deliver and set up his mouthwatering cake. Emily used to work with Aaron and his cakes taste amazing!! Emily actually helped Aaron on an episode of Cake Walk on the Slice Network which aired last week.

Thanks for having us to film your wedding, Shane and Deanne! We had a great time!






  • October 13, 2011 - 1:52 pm

    Deanne - Words cannot describe the meaning this film has towards us. We were blown away in the beginning when we saw your work in other wedding films but when it came time for our film to be done we were lost for words on how much meaning our film is and unique it was and how each film you both filmed are truly unique and have their own style. We still cannot believe all the details you captured in our film. We can’t wait to look back on our anniversary and many years down the road.

    As for all you other engaged couples who might be watching our film this is what I have to say. If your wondering and questioning if you should bother to put in your budget to have honey and dear as a part of your wedding then you will highly live in regret if you don’t. What Andrew and Emily do is truly magical and unique and will leave your guest speaking for months.Other “videographers” don’t compare to Andrew and Emily as with their films you will watch once and them take the DVD out and place on your shelf to gather dust and to never be brought out again. Instead, you should put your money towards a film and not just a video that is truly artistic and you will find yourself watching it over again and again and in many years to come. In the end the saying goes that when you walk away from your wedding you only have your pictures BUT with honey and dear you can have more than pictures but a film that truly takes you back to your day as they capture each individual memory of that day.

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