HD Delivery of your Wedding Film – New Service from Honey & Dear

We have been searching for a solution for proper delivery of High-Definition footage for a while now.  Up until now, we have only been able to create DVDs for our couples which are of course ‘Standard Definition’.  Basically, we film your wedding in HD and then use our computers to compress your film small enough so it will fit onto a regular DVD. The end result is a loss of quality which no one wants!  Some companies have started to offer Blu-Ray – but we’re just not satisfied with the quality of creating burned Blu-Ray discs right now anyway.  They look amazing when you buy them from a store – however – we find that they don’t look great when made using software that is available to independent companies such as ours (Hollywood keeps the good stuff!)

So enter one of our favourite companies: Apple.  The introduction of the new AppleTV has made it possible for us to provide you with your full wedding film in the beautiful HD format that it was filmed and edited in.

Honey & Dear now offers AppleTV

It’s very simple to use and as long as you have a Widescreen TV w/ an HDMI input (They pretty much all have HDMI now),  iTunes (which is free), a Wi-Fi network in your house (which most people have by now), an HDMI Cable (which we include).

From Apple.com – “All streaming. No hassle. Everything you want to watch — movies, TV shows, photos, and more — streams wirelessly to Apple TV. That way you don’t have to worry about managing storage or syncing to your iTunes library. HD movie and TV show rentals play over the Internet to your widescreen TV, while music and photos stream from your computer. Either way, all you have to do is click and play. Since Apple TV features a powerful A4 chip, it streams everything effortlessly, without frozen screens or stutters. Video looks crisp and clear. And just like watching a DVD, you can fast-forward through opening credits, pause for a popcorn break, or replay a hilarious scene until you memorize every line.  Setting up Apple TV is about as simple as it gets. Just plug the power cord into the wall and connect Apple TV to your widescreen TV using an HDMI cable (sold separately). Since everything streams wirelessly to Apple TV, that’s all you need. Well, that and a comfy couch.”

If we filmed your wedding in 2010, and you’ve already received your DVDs from us and would like to have this option, just give us a call – we’ll be able to go into our archive and provide this option to you.

If you have booked your wedding for 2011 and beyond, feel free to contact us and add this on to your order.  The HD Upgrade is $399.00 + tax and includes an AppleTV unit, an HDMI cable as well as the data disc that you’ll need to import to your iTunes library to be able to watch your Wedding Film!

The other thing that is pretty awesome is AppleTV also allows you to stream your entire iTunes library through your home theatre system.  You can also rent and buy movies through AppleTV instantly and it also works with Netflix which is pretty awesome too.  Emily and I watch too much Netflix.  Just saying.

  • January 27, 2011 - 9:16 pm

    Josh Muirhead - This is an excellent step forward guys.

    I was wondering if you where going to start to use the technology that Apple was putting out to better showcase your work. One thing that you forgot to mention, is after they have watched your video for the millionth time, the Apple TV does allow you to stream any videos you have on your iTunes account over to your TV, and use the now famous Netfilx.

    Now what happens if someone (say like myself) already has a Apple TV (I don’t by the way), what then would I need from you? I assume I still need the the data disc…Will you be making this feature available as well?

    Again, congrats on coming into 2011 with a big win, and now in HD!


  • January 27, 2011 - 11:36 pm

    admin - Hi Josh,

    It’s a great question for sure. If you already own an AppleTV – we would simply subtract the cost of the device itself. We’re pretty easy going that way


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