"Every single guest at the wedding spoke to us expressing their love for their videos!"

A few months before we got married I was speaking to one of my (married) bridesmaids while running through the oh so long lists of “done’s” and “to do’s” and I asked her if she had any regrets when her wedding was all said and done. She said their day was absolute perfection and her only regret was not having proper documentation of the day (as we all know how quickly the big day flies by). I immediately began scouring the internet for local videographers and after a few hours of searching (and hating every cheesy, home made style video on there) I came across a site that literally took my breath away. Honey & Dear had posted some “teasers” of wedding videos they had completed recently and they really were unlike anything else I had ever seen. The fact that complete stranger’s wedding videos could bring tears to my eye really made me realize how powerful these films are.

We were thrilled when we found out Andrew and Emily were available for our date and really and truly only have great things to say about our experiences with them. Before the wedding day we met with them to shoot a “Love Story” video, and were extremely impressed at how well these guys were able to put together our story having only met us a few times. The only way to describe it is to say that it was so “us”. It’s amazing the feeling you get when you see a reflection of yourselves in a way you’ve never seen before. I always knew that we were happy and that we belonged together, but seeing our relationship through someone else’s eyes (or camera lens) really allowed us to appreciate how lucky we are to have found eachother and how special our relationship really is.

On our wedding day Andrew and Emily were extremely professional, worked extraordinarily well with our photographer and other vendors, were flexible with times and blended in so well with the rest of our guests that you hardly would have noticed them (save the cameras they toted around all day :). When our band finished their first set Andrew and Emily set up a huge screen on the dance floor and showed both our “Love Story” video and our “Same Day Edit”. Everyone was blown away by both videos and I would not be exaggerating in saying that I think every single guest at the wedding spoke to us in one way or another (phone calls, facebook, texts, etc) expressing their love for the videos. The quality of the films is incomparable and the ability of Andrew and Emily to capture the “feel” of the day and put it together in such a beautiful compilation of clips is absolutely amazing.

Originally, we had not set aside money in our budget for a film, but once we saw what these two are capable of we made adjustments where we could and have absolutely no regrets. Our film (and our experience with Honey & Dear) was worth every penny and now looking back at everything that came together to make our day special, the film (and our photos) are our only vivid and tangible memories of a day that means so much to us.

Andrew and Emily – we would like to thank you for helping us give our guests a wedding to remember (so we’ve heard, lol), thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with us, and thank you so very much for giving us a lasting memory of the joy of our day to share with our family and friends in the future.

Kim Culbert

Married Aug 7, 2010

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