Consider asking your guests to leave their Cameras at Home!

Brides – it’s a good idea to announce to your guests to stay in their seats when you come down the aisle.
This is the Groom.s view of his bride coming down the aisle. I actually feel bad for him.

In fact, this one might be out on a limb, but consider asking your guests to leave their Cameras at Home!

Dave Biesse of one of Canada’s Top Wedding Photographers, says “tell your guest not to worry about photography or video.. if you’ve hired professionals, they’ve got it covered!”

Jon Thorpe of Union Photography adds: “I have had this happen a few times where guests enter the aisle. It’s a for sure way to ruin a good shot and the view that the groom has.”

Now, ask yourself – would you rather have that moment where you first see your groom’s eyes starring at you – or would like to be tagged on Facebook in 700 blurry, low resolution, red-eye filled snapshots from your friends who jumped into the aisle (or in front of your professional photographer or filmmakers) to get their shot.

Think about it…


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