"They make me look good for recommending them…"

I met Andrew Sorlie a while back at a photographer’s pub night.  Only thing is, Andrew’s not a photographer per se. He’s a wedding cinematographer. And he’s wicked at it. We’ve met up a few times since then, most recently at a workshop called Awaken. Andrew and his wife and partner Emily were there shooting and editing video. They turned out an amazing same day edit that was exciting and intriguing of a room full of people sitting down watching someone speak. If they can make that interesting just imagine about what they can do with your wedding.

Okay, forget imagining ‘watch this‘.  I know, right? By now you should know how I feel about Honey & Dear. I trust them with my recommendations. I know they’ll never let me or my couples down and beyond that I know that they’ll thrill our clients and in turn make me look good for recommending them. I’m a fan.

Luca Ragogna

Wedding Photographer

March 25, 2010

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